Promoting Renewable Energy Sources in Pleasanton, CA: A Guide for Local Residents

Pleasanton, CA is a city that is committed to promoting the use of renewable energy sources. The East Bay Community Energy (EBCE) board of directors includes an elected official from each member city, and Pleasanton's appointee is Deputy Mayor Jack Balch. Central Coast Community Energy (3CE) is a public agency that supplies competitively priced electricity from clean, renewable energy sources to more than 400,000 customers across the Central Coast. Pico Rivera Innovative Municipal Energy (PRIME) offers customers two options: PRIME Power, a 50% renewable energy product, and PRIME Future, a 100% renewable energy product.

Clean Power Alliance provides three different energy options: Lean Power, with 40% clean energy, Clean Power, with 50% clean energy, and 100% Green Power, with 100% renewable energy. SDCP offers two different plans: PowerOn, with 50% renewable energy, and Power100, with 100% renewable energy. EBCE is governed by a board of directors composed of local elected officials from each participating city. This allows communities like Pleasanton to offer an alternative energy option to their customers.

The Alliance will strive to ensure equitable funding for local projects. This is in recognition of the long history of injustice in the way infrastructure money is spent and the urgent need to increase energy resilience in front-line communities. Clean Energy Alliance offers four different clean energy options: Clean Impact, with 50% renewable energy, Clean Impact Plus, with 50% renewable energy and 75% carbon-free products, Green Impact, with 100% renewable energy content, and Personal Impact, its solar energy offer for roofs. MCE customers are making California's electricity supply greener while helping to invest in local energy programs.

OCPA offers three energy options: Basic Choice with 38% renewable energy, Smart Choice with 69% renewable energy and 100% Renewable Choice with 100% renewable energy. CPA is the fifth-largest electricity provider in California and has the highest number of customers receiving 100% renewable energy in the country. LCE offers the ClearChoice service with 37% renewable energy and SmartChoice with 100% renewable energy, and approximately half of its customers are eligible to participate in energy programs for low-income people. EBCE provides Pleasanton residents with greater local control over their energy sources, as well as resilience and efficiency programs.

CCAs are meeting their commitments to invest in new renewable energy facilities across California. By allowing jurisdictions to purchase electricity from clean, renewable sources on behalf of taxpayers at rates equal to or lower than those of Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E), EBCE will enable communities like Pleasanton to offer an alternative energy option to their customers.